Allium’s Asbestos Heritage

Allium staff have been working with Shield Environmental, one of the UK’s leading asbestos removal companies, for many years. Allium are Shield’s preferred suppliers for asbestos surveying due to our long family history together.
Shield Environmental logo

Allium was formed by directors of Shield in order to allow a more focused approach to the highly specialised tasks involved in the surveying and removal of asbestos. As well as being able to provide a dedicated approach to each facet, the separation of the two companies means that Allium can provide an independent survey that does not exclusively designate Shield as the asbestos removal company.

Asbestos Management Software

Our surveys are undertaken on tablet devices to make the entire process extremely efficient. As well as speeding-up the report production, this also allows for simple digital distribution of the final reports to a secure online repository where all of your company’s asbestos management plans and reports are kept for compliance issues.

Our preferred asbestos survey software is “Alpha Tracker” from Start Software.