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New Lease of Life for Derelict Industrial Site

Devonshire Park is located on the A3022 Brixham Road, the main distribution road around Torbay. It is situated at the heart of a major centre of expansion. The whole area, once complete, will provide a total of 1,000 new residential properties together with over 15,500m² of commercial space. The commercial space has been designed to provide innovative contemporary style buildings. The design and the use of sustainable materials will ensure the buildings will exceed the appropriate environmental standards.

The site has fallen into disrepair over the course of many years since it’s closure and access to some parts was restricted due to structural issues. Allium were employed to complete Demolition Asbestos Surveys to the remaining structures on site together with the underground service tunnels which necessitated the use of confined space access equipment and appropriately trained surveyors.

Our client commented…

“it’s the best asbestos survey we have ever had and we’re very pleased that we came to Allium.”

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Cancer Cure 2017: New Drug Could Treat Cancer Caused by Asbestos

Cancer Cure 2017: New Drug Could Treat Cancer Caused by Asbestos

In the past, asbestos was used as a very popular building material until it was discovered that exposure to it causes cancer.

Doctor Holding Xray

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is incredibly deadly, a new drug to treat this condition is currently being tested on 300 British patients.

The new method of treatment has already been used for several other types of cancerous tumor, but it is hoped that it will be an effective treatment for mesothelioma by harnessing the body’s own immune system in order to overcome it.

The drug is called nivolumab and it is reportedly effective in treating melanoma and kidney cancer. The medicine works by blocking a protein referred to as PD-1 on the surface of T-cells, which allows cells of the immune system to be activated and in turn, hunt down and kill cancer cells.

“The UK has one of the world’s highest incidences of mesothelioma and currently there aren’t many ways to treat it,” Professor Gareth Giffiths of the University of Southampton said. “Boosting the immune system by releasing killer T-cells that have previously been blocked could offer us a new way to treat more patients with this devastating disease.”

For more advice information around mesothelioma, visit the Mesothelioma Center website.

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Asbestos Within Public Buildings In Scotland Remain A ‘Health Time Bomb’

Asbestos Within Public Buildings In Scotland Remain A ‘Health Time Bomb’

Scotland has seen an increase of asbestos-related conditions claimed by those working in affected buildings.

Construction intructors on site

Currently Scotland has the highest global incidence of the condition, according to the University of Glasgow there has been more than 175 cases diagnosed in 2014 alone.

Public buildings such as hospitals, schools, council headquarters, alongside many more have all been found to contain asbestos materials. Laura Blane, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors, disclosed the firm was dealing with an estimate of 200 cases of those exposed in such places.

She reported ‘It is no exaggeration to say that this is an enormous ticking time bomb and I am seeing increasing numbers of cases.’

In addition, medical and legal experts claim that asbestos located within Scottish schools have created a ‘health time bomb’.

Communities in Scotland, victims of asbestos and their families are campaigning to the upcoming council elections to make the public aware of asbestos as ‘one of the biggest health scandals facing Scotland’.

The full story can be found here.

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Barroerock Fined £750k for Asbestos Failure

Barroerock Fined £750k for Asbestos Failure

London based Barroerock Construction Limited plead guilty to repeated asbestos failing’s resulting in a hefty fine of three-quarters of a million pounds.

Judge hammer in court hearing regarding asbestos management offence

Image source: bloomsberries

Canterbury Crown Court heard how between the years of 2013 and 2014, two investigations were carried out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to a site in Ashford, Kent where Barroerock carried out works to a nine-storey office building known to contain asbestos.

The first, a routine inspection, identified that a refurbishment and demolition (R&D) survey had been carried out however the contractor had failed to act upon it. In turn, 40 workers were known to be exposed to harmful asbestos during the demolition project.

The second followed after allegations of breaching health and safety practices on-site. Unable to provide documentation to prove asbestos materials had been correctly removed, Barroerock pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 22 (1) (a) of the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2007.

HSE inspector Melvyn Stancliffe said after the hearing:

‘The company’s failings in this case has put many workers at risk to the exposure of asbestos. It was clear there was an endemic failure to effectively manage the construction work on the site in a way which ensured that asbestos materials were not disturbed until removed under appropriate conditions. Failing to prevent the breathing in of asbestos fibres on the site is reckless.’

You can find the full story here.

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Europa House, Portsmouth – Asbestos surveying and project management services

Allium Environmental Ltd were commissioned by Midas Construction Ltd to undertake an asbestos refurbishment survey at Europa House, Havant Street, Portsmouth in May 2016.

Europa House, at 64m, 18 Storeys is the tallest non-residential building (excluding Spinnaker) in Portsmouth. Completed in 1969 it served as the European HQ for PALL Corporation (A fortune 1000 company) till they moved into new offices in the suburbs.

The building is currently under conversion by Midas into a 240 bed student accommodation centre, due for completion in time for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Following the asbestos survey it was evident that legacy asbestos was still prevalent within the structure and due to the complexity and myriad nature of the materials present our commission was extended to the project management of the asbestos removal and remediation work.

Allium have attended site on a weekly basis since survey completion to advise on asbestos removal techniques, sense check quotations and audit on-going removal works. We are delighted to assist with transforming this building and ensuring the safety of the current workforce and the future occupants.