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Meet our Deputy Quality Manager- Hadyn Veale

Meet our Deputy Quality Manager- Hadyn Veale

Hadyn’s role as a deputy quality manager includes facilitating the quality manager with any tasks or duties, carrying out technical reviews of reports, liaising with the management team/typists/surveyors ensuring consistently high quality standards, deal with any questions/complaints or issues that may arise from the surveyors or clients regarding the asbestos reports or surveying, deliver training and carry out audits/re-surveys etc.

The things Hadyn enjoys most about his job is the sense of achievement he gets from the consistent level of the reports being at a high standard, being part of a management team that maintains the high standard of the surveyors and typists and also being part of the Allium team ethos which is ‘nothing is too much trouble’.

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Christmas Celebrations

Following our Annual Review and Training day on Friday 15th we were delighted to retire to the China Fleet Club in Saltash for our Staff and Partners Christmas Party, there was a great turnout with only a few who couldn’t attend.

The festivities were a great way to unwind after what seems like a very long year indeed; the food was excellent and as the majority stayed over at the venue the drink was soon flowing.

All of us at Allium would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thanks again for all your support this year.

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Training Day and Annual Round Up

It was fantastic to gather all the Allium staff together on Friday for our annual Year End review meeting, it’s not often that everyone gets to the office at once so we took the opportunity to host a series of meetings and training sessions throughout the day.

Administration staff were given a refresher session on the CAR 2012 and controlled asbestos removal techniques, to assist all staff members in dealing with Project Management enquiries.

Surveyors attended a Quality Management meeting to discuss all aspects of surveying performance over the year and share interesting and unusual asbestos finds.

All staff members also attended our Annual Review; where we looked back at business milestones over the year and highlighted that as well as moving Head Office and opening our Bristol Branch we had replaced most of our fleet of vans, completed in excess of 5000 individual surveys and as well as supporting our existing clients we have worked for hundreds of new ones.

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Reflection on Allium during 2017 and our thanks for your continued support

At this festive time, as a company, we reflect back on 2017 as a very positive year for Allium Environmental.

We are especially grateful to our clients who have supported us throughout the year, enabling us to be on track to achieve our budget at the end of our financial year.

This year Allium relocated our head office to Baldhu House, Wheal Jane Earth Science Park, which will provide the ideal platform to support our regional operations along with facilitating centralisation of our quality control function.

We are equally delighted to open our first regional office in Bristol, enabling us to look at new opportunities and form relationships with new clients.

During last year, we carried out a varied range of surveying work both land and marine based and saw a large increase in the requirement for Allium to undertake project management on a number of large complex projects.

We are equally optimistic in relation to 2018, with a very strong management team along with additional resources in the business development team. We will be starting the New Year with an extremely healthy order book.

Thank you for all your support during 2017; we would like to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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How are we doing in 2017?

How are we doing in 2017?

At Allium we aim to provide the best possible service to our Clients and in order to check our standards are being met we monitor several key performance indicators (kpis). Data is gathered via a short on-line client satisfaction form which we ask you to complete when we issue your survey report.
We ask for your feedback in the following areas:

  • Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote
  • Time taken for survey to be programmed
  • Surveyor’s standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)
  • Surveyor’s time keeping (did we turn up when we said we would)?
  • General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)
  • Report turnaround
  • Communication from start to finish
  • Telephone System – Can you get through to the right department/person?

Responses are scored in five steps from very poor to excellent.

We collate and review your responses during our quality and staff meetings, allowing to see what we did well or indeed, not so well. Lessons learnt from your feedback help us to continually improve.

2017-2018 data shows that 100% of the respondents were either very likely or extremely likely to use our services again.

Based upon our performance how likely are you to use our service again in the future?

Extremely Likely 67%
Very Likely 33%

Customer views on our time management

Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote

Good 30.56%
Excellent 69.44%

Time taken for survey to be programmed

Good 20%
Excellent 80%

Surveyors’ standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)

Good 19.44%
Excellent 80.56%

Surveyors’ time keeping (did we turn up on when we said we would?)

Good 17.14%
Excellent 82.86%

General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)

Good 24.24%
Excellent 75.76%

Report turnaround

Average 2.78%
Good 36.11%
Excellent 61.11%

Communication from start to finish

Good 30.56%
Excellent 69.44%

Telephone System (getting through to the right department/person)

Excellent 100%