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Asbestos Within Public Buildings In Scotland Remain A ‘Health Time Bomb’

Asbestos Within Public Buildings In Scotland Remain A ‘Health Time Bomb’

Scotland has seen an increase of asbestos-related conditions claimed by those working in affected buildings.

Construction intructors on site

Currently Scotland has the highest global incidence of the condition, according to the University of Glasgow there has been more than 175 cases diagnosed in 2014 alone.

Public buildings such as hospitals, schools, council headquarters, alongside many more have all been found to contain asbestos materials. Laura Blane, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors, disclosed the firm was dealing with an estimate of 200 cases of those exposed in such places.

She reported ‘It is no exaggeration to say that this is an enormous ticking time bomb and I am seeing increasing numbers of cases.’

In addition, medical and legal experts claim that asbestos located within Scottish schools have created a ‘health time bomb’.

Communities in Scotland, victims of asbestos and their families are campaigning to the upcoming council elections to make the public aware of asbestos as ‘one of the biggest health scandals facing Scotland’.

The full story can be found here.

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Barroerock Fined £750k for Asbestos Failure

Barroerock Fined £750k for Asbestos Failure

London based Barroerock Construction Limited plead guilty to repeated asbestos failing’s resulting in a hefty fine of three-quarters of a million pounds.

Judge hammer in court hearing regarding asbestos management offence

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Canterbury Crown Court heard how between the years of 2013 and 2014, two investigations were carried out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to a site in Ashford, Kent where Barroerock carried out works to a nine-storey office building known to contain asbestos.

The first, a routine inspection, identified that a refurbishment and demolition (R&D) survey had been carried out however the contractor had failed to act upon it. In turn, 40 workers were known to be exposed to harmful asbestos during the demolition project.

The second followed after allegations of breaching health and safety practices on-site. Unable to provide documentation to prove asbestos materials had been correctly removed, Barroerock pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 22 (1) (a) of the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2007.

HSE inspector Melvyn Stancliffe said after the hearing:

‘The company’s failings in this case has put many workers at risk to the exposure of asbestos. It was clear there was an endemic failure to effectively manage the construction work on the site in a way which ensured that asbestos materials were not disturbed until removed under appropriate conditions. Failing to prevent the breathing in of asbestos fibres on the site is reckless.’

You can find the full story here.

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Allium sponsors winners in World Pilot Gigs Championships

Allium sponsors winners in World Pilot Gigs Championships

The 28th World Pilot Gigs Championships took place on the beautiful Isles of Scilly over the last weekend in April. This annual event represents the pinnacle of gig rowing and was contested by over 150 teams.

Falmouth Gig Club men’s A crew won the World Championship title for an incredible seventh time in challenging choppy conditions, pushed all the way but showing their unerring fitness to pull ahead and win the race.

We are proud to be associated with the club and took great delight in seeing our Allium logo displayed on their kit.

Check out our recent drone footage showing the team training pre-event by clicking here.

Well done and congratulations from all at Allium!

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Focus on Social Housing

Housing Associations and other social housing organisations have a duty of care towards their tenants and their maintenance staff in respect of the presence of asbestos in dwellings.

The CAR2012 Asbestos regulations place a specific duty to manage asbestos in common areas. The Defective Premises Act 1972, whilst not specifically mentioning asbestos, requires landlords to take reasonable care to see that tenants and visitors are safe from personal injury or disease caused by a defect in the state of the premises. The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 also asks Housing Associations to ensure that their staff are not exposed to asbestos during their work.

Allium will survey your properties in order to highlight the risks posed by any asbestos containing materials both during normal occupation and when refurbishment works such as heating or kitchen and bathroom upgrades are undertaken. We can produce interactive asbestos registers utilising our powerful Alpha Tracker asbestos management system and help to produce a working asbestos management plan ensuring you remain fully compliant with asbestos related legislation.

Our surveyors have been undertaking domestic asbestos surveys for many years and have the competencies and experience to undertake compliant asbestos surveys in occupied premises; our specific written procedures for surveying housing remind us that whilst the property may be an asset to the landlord it is a home to the occupier and we will be respectful of that at all times.
We employ dedicated Booking Co-ordinators who will liaise directly with occupiers to arrange appointments at their convenience, saving landlords time and resources.

Over the years we have helped Asset Management teams develop and implement asbestos policies and asbestos management plans ensuring robust procedures are introduced to maintain compliance with relevant legislation whilst taking into consideration the unique challenges associated with domestic surveys.

Contact us now for more advice on developing your asbestos procedures or for a demonstration of the Alpha Tracker Client Portal.

How are we doing?

How are we doing?

At Allium we aim to provide the best possible service to our Clients and in order to check our standards are being met we monitor several key performance indicators (kpis). Data is gathered via a short on-line client satisfaction form which we ask you to complete when we issue your survey report.
We ask for your feedback in the following areas:

  • Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote
  • Time taken for survey to be programmed
  • Surveyor’s standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)
  • Surveyor’s time keeping (did we turn up when we said we would)?
  • General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)
  • Report turnaround
  • Communication from start to finish

Responses are scored in five steps from very poor to excellent.

We collate and review your responses during our quality and staff meetings, allowing to see what we did well or indeed, not so well. Lessons learnt from your feedback help us to continually improve.

2016-2017 data shows that 93% of the scores you gave us were either Good or Excellent and 100% of the respondents were either very likely or extremely likely to use our services again.

Based upon our performance how likely are you to use our service again in the future?

Extremely Likely 57.14%
Very Likely 42.86%

Customer views on our time management

Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote

Good 50%
Excellent 50%

Time taken for survey to be programmed

Good 23.08%
Excellent 76.92%

Surveyors’ standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)

Good 21.43%
Excellent 78.57%

Surveyors’ time keeping (did we turn up on when we said we would?)

Good 23.08%
Excellent 76.92%

General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)

Good 30.77%
Excellent 69.23%

Report turnaround

Average 7.14%
Good 35.71%
Excellent 69.23%

Communication from start to finish

Good 42.86%
Excellent 57.14%