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Focus on Social Housing

Housing Associations and other social housing organisations have a duty of care towards their tenants and their maintenance staff in respect of the presence of asbestos in dwellings.

The CAR2012 Asbestos regulations place a specific duty to manage asbestos in common areas. The Defective Premises Act 1972, whilst not specifically mentioning asbestos, requires landlords to take reasonable care to see that tenants and visitors are safe from personal injury or disease caused by a defect in the state of the premises. The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 also asks Housing Associations to ensure that their staff are not exposed to asbestos during their work.

Allium will survey your properties in order to highlight the risks posed by any asbestos containing materials both during normal occupation and when refurbishment works such as heating or kitchen and bathroom upgrades are undertaken. We can produce interactive asbestos registers utilising our powerful Alpha Tracker asbestos management system and help to produce a working asbestos management plan ensuring you remain fully compliant with asbestos related legislation.

Our surveyors have been undertaking domestic asbestos surveys for many years and have the competencies and experience to undertake compliant asbestos surveys in occupied premises; our specific written procedures for surveying housing remind us that whilst the property may be an asset to the landlord it is a home to the occupier and we will be respectful of that at all times.
We employ dedicated Booking Co-ordinators who will liaise directly with occupiers to arrange appointments at their convenience, saving landlords time and resources.

Over the years we have helped Asset Management teams develop and implement asbestos policies and asbestos management plans ensuring robust procedures are introduced to maintain compliance with relevant legislation whilst taking into consideration the unique challenges associated with domestic surveys.

Contact us now for more advice on developing your asbestos procedures or for a demonstration of the Alpha Tracker Client Portal.

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How are we doing?

How are we doing?

At Allium we aim to provide the best possible service to our Clients and in order to check our standards are being met we monitor several key performance indicators (kpis). Data is gathered via a short on-line client satisfaction form which we ask you to complete when we issue your survey report.
We ask for your feedback in the following areas:

  • Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote
  • Time taken for survey to be programmed
  • Surveyor’s standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)
  • Surveyor’s time keeping (did we turn up when we said we would)?
  • General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)
  • Report turnaround
  • Communication from start to finish

Responses are scored in five steps from very poor to excellent.

We collate and review your responses during our quality and staff meetings, allowing to see what we did well or indeed, not so well. Lessons learnt from your feedback help us to continually improve.

2016-2017 data shows that 93% of the scores you gave us were either Good or Excellent and 100% of the respondents were either very likely or extremely likely to use our services again.

Based upon our performance how likely are you to use our service again in the future?

Extremely Likely 57.14%
Very Likely 42.86%

Customer views on our time management

Time taken from your initial enquiry to being provided with a quote

Good 50%
Excellent 50%

Time taken for survey to be programmed

Good 23.08%
Excellent 76.92%

Surveyors’ standards (cooperation, helpfulness, informative, courteous)

Good 21.43%
Excellent 78.57%

Surveyors’ time keeping (did we turn up on when we said we would?)

Good 23.08%
Excellent 76.92%

General standard of work including reinstatement/repairs (if appropriate)

Good 30.77%
Excellent 69.23%

Report turnaround

Average 7.14%
Good 35.71%
Excellent 69.23%

Communication from start to finish

Good 42.86%
Excellent 57.14%
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Government issues new asbestos guidance for schools

Following a recent study highlighting the failure to safely manage asbestos in over 1000 English schools the Government has taken action and have issued new safety guidelines aimed at head teachers, school staff, duty-holders and governing bodies.

These are titled ‘Managing asbestos in your school’ and ‘Where asbestos may be located’.

The guidelines apply to local authority schools, free schools and academies.

Each of the reports offers advice on how to identify asbestos, how to assess the risks and how to manage it in schools.

The Guidance comprises 5 steps:

  • You must have a management survey of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in your school which should be conducted by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited surveying organisation and in accordance with HSE guidance.
  • Assess the risks associated with ACMs in your school. This must be done for
  • Devise an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) to include details of arrangements to inform all staff about the location of ACMs and the schedule for monitoring the condition of ACMs.
  • Make sure staff, visitors and contractors know the risks and precautions they need to take, including the risks of pinning children’s work to walls.
  • Keep the management of asbestos in your school under review with updates of damage to asbestos and work undertaken to ACMs.

Download copies of the guidance here: Asbestos management in schools – GOV.UK

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Hostel Hit With £44k Court Bill For Failure Of Asbestos Survey

Hostel Hit With £44k Court Bill For Failure Of Asbestos Survey


‘The workers working on that basement are sent into an environment where there are potential areas of asbestos, just as a soldier is sent into a minefield without a map’ – Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Joseph Hart

Judge hammer in court hearing regarding asbestos management offence

Image source: bloomsberries

A hostel in Manchester has been hit with over £44K in fines and court costs due to failure to commission an asbestos survey prior to a refurbishment project.

19th Century built Hatters Hostel based in the Northern Quarter was scrutinised by Manchester Crown Court for potentially exposing their workers to life threatening substances in the eight month period of works  carried out.

Although the company was known for having an ‘impeccable’ health and safety record, the failure of duty of care seen a large volume of workers as quoted by prosecutor Joseph Hart ‘sent into an environment where there are potential areas of asbestos, just as a solider is sent into a minefield without a map’.

HSE inspector Matt Greenly commented ‘The requirement to have a suitable asbestos survey is clear and well known throughout the construction industry. Only by knowing if asbestos is present in any building before works commence can a contractor ensure that people working on their site are not exposed to these deadly fibres.’

Read the full story here.

Are you undertaking any refurbishment works in your building? Speak to one of our team to book a survey today.

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Warm Welcome

As part of our continued expansion we are delighted to welcome two further new staff members this month.

Charley York

Due to the large volume of commercial work that we have been successful in securing we have appointed an additional Asbestos Operations Co-ordinator, Charley York to work alongside Victoria Richards.

Charley has previously worked for an asbestos Consultancy in the North East and brings a wealth of organisational skills and asbestos experience.

Charley or Victoria will be delighted to assist you with any enquiry.

Evie Hidderley

In support of our strategic growth plan we have appointed Evie Hidderley as Business Development Co-ordinator. Evie’s enthusiasm and determination to chase down opportunities will undoubtedly be pivotal in our expansion plans.

With her strong work ethic and dedication to ensure customer satisfaction; she can’t wait to build on existing customer relationships and strive to forge new ones for the future.