• A picture of the English countryside, showing our ares served

    Areas Served

    Allium is a UKAS accredited asbestos company with multiple offices serving customers
    throughout Southern England and along the M4 corridor and below.

A view of the sea in Barnstaple, Devon, where we carry our asbestos surveys

Devon Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Devon
• Asbestos Management in Devon
• Asbestos Remediation in Devon
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Devon
• Lead Paint Sampling in Devon
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Devon

A dusk view over Poole in Dorset, where we do asbestos surveys

Dorset Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Dorset
• Asbestos Management in Dorset
• Asbestos Remediation in Dorset
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Dorset
• Lead Paint Sampling in Dorset
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Dorset

A view of the beach in Cornwall where we like to go after an asbestos survey

Cornwall Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Cornwall
• Asbestos Management in Cornwall
• Asbestos Remediation in Cornwall
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Cornwall
• Lead Paint Sampling in Cornwall
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Cornwall

The a Somerset beach lighthouse where we carried-out an asbestos survey

Somerset Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Somerset
• Asbestos Management in Somerset
• Asbestos Remediation in Somerset
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Somerset
• Lead Paint Sampling in Somerset
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Somerset

We've carried-out asbestos surveys near Silbury Hill in Witlshire, shown in this photograph

Wiltshire Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Wiltshire
• Asbestos Management in Wiltshire
• Asbestos Remediation in Wiltshire
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Wiltshire
• Lead Paint Sampling in Wiltshire
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Wiltshire

A village in Hamlet with some old buildings that contained ACMs

Hampshire Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Hampshire
• Asbestos Management in Hampshire
• Asbestos Remediation in Hampshire
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Hampshire
• Lead Paint Sampling in Hampshire
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Hampshire

Our Southampton Office will handle any enquiries from Hampshire.

Halnaker Mill in West Sussex, where we do asbestos surveys

West Sussex Area

• Asbestos Surveys in West Sussex
• Asbestos Management in West Sussex
• Asbestos Remediation in West Sussex
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in West Sussex
• Lead Paint Sampling in West Sussex
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in West Sussex

Forest in North Holmwood, Dorking, where we have worked as asbestos surveyors

Surrey Area

• Asbestos Surveys in Surrey
• Asbestos Management in Surrey
• Asbestos Remediation in Surrey
• Asbestos Advice & Instruction in Surrey
• Lead Paint Sampling in Surrey
• Asbestos Sampling and Bulk Analysis in Surrey