• Allium Environmental Ltd. - Air Testing for Asbestos

    Asbestos Air Monitoring & Air Testing Services in the UK

    As part of our suite of asbestos-related services, we’re able to offer your business an
    around-the-clock mobile air testing service.

Allium Environmental Ltd, one of the country’s leading Asbestos Survey specialists, now has the capability to carry-out mobile air testing throughout southern England and Wales.

Allium are able to supply the full suite of services within the asbestos remit and can perform air testing tasks from our fleet of mobile laboratories, as well as on site locations.

Our team of trusted asbestos analysts all hold the BOHS P403 and P404 module proficiency certificates, and are trained under our in-house UKAS ISO 17025 accredited procedure for both Asbestos Air Sampling and Asbestos Fibre Counting.

In addition, our asbestos analysts are all participants in the Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchanges (RICE) Scheme which is administered and managed by the HSL for UKAS accredited asbestos consultancies providing air monitoring services.

We offer the following asbestos air testing services:

  • Personal air sampling for compliance under CAWR 200210 and to assess respiratory protection
  • Leak air testing on enclosures
  • Background or reassurance air sampling
  • Air sampling for site reoccupation certification

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