• Asbestos Remediation

    Asbestos Remediation

    Asbestos removal is a specialist service, we can arrange for the removal or repair of your asbestos containing products. Our specialist Project Managers will ensure that the right contractor is used and audit their works for your safety.

Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos removal and remediation is a specialist service and may only be undertaken by suitably competent contractors, having specialised training, using specialist equipment and holding insurance which specifically covers working with asbestos. Some asbestos materials can only be worked on by contractors holding an asbestos removal licence issued by HSE.

All of these things need checking prior to placing a removal order, at Allium we have the experience and competence to do this for you. We’ll write a removal specification and tender your project to suitable contractors who we have pre-qualified to represent us and who we trust to deliver on their promises.

We’ll allocate a Project Manager who will check to see that the HSE have been informed of the project where required, we’ll review the proposed Plan of Work to ensure that the appropriate control measures are being adopted and to ensure that the contractor fully understands what he is being tasked with.

During the removal process we will attend site and undertake site safety audits to make sure your project is being undertaken to the highest standards, we’ll verify interim applications for payment on larger projects and agree the final account on completion.

All requisite certificates of re-occupation will be collected, together with waste transfer documentation so you’ll know it’s safe to return to the affected area and that your waste asbestos has been safely disposed of, in accordance with current legislation.

For ground working contracts we can provide a Surveyor with a watching brief to effectively deal with any asbestos discovered whilst excavating on site. We will safely bag up any waste discovered and arrange for collection and disposal.

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