• Asbestos surveys in the transport industry

    Asbestos Surveys in the Transport Sector

Asbestos in Transport Networks

Historically Asbestos was commonly used in the railway industry for lagging and insulation around boilers and steam pipes. It was also frequently used during the construction of locomotives. Old rolling stock, built prior to 1980, may have had asbestos removed from accessible areas, but heritage trains, such as steam locomotives, or carriages in museums, will still have asbestos lurking somewhere in their construction. As well as on the trains themselves, Asbestos was extensively used in station buildings, signal boxes, depots and offices.

Asbestos string was used to stop leaks in steam in pipe work, and asbestos cement may have been used in corrugated roofing, and water pipes right up until 1999.

Britain’s road network also has a legacy of asbestos cement pipes, culverts and shuttering where concrete has been poured. Allium’s experienced surveyors know just where these materials are likely to occur.

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