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    Contaminated Land Project Management

    Our Contaminated Land team offer a range of professional services, working with a specialist surveying and investigation team.

Hazardous substances and environment management

The United Kingdom’s increasing population is leading to more brown field sites undergoing development in order to satisfy the growing requirements for housing and other commercial development. As part of this process, Allium Environmental are helping construction firms around the country to survey potentially hazardous land and offer remediation management assistance.

We regularly discover asbestos in soil contamination, which we are able to quickly identify by using our in-house UKAS approved testing laboratory at our headquarters in Cornwall. We work with highly accredited partners to test samples of other contaminants. Our rapid reaction coupled with our years of experience in dealing with asbestos means that delays to your building project are kept to a minimum, whilst meeting the government’s strict compliance rules.

Below are a just a few of the ways in which our contaminated land team are able to assist with your development project.

  • Asbestos in Soil and Contaminated Land Surveys
  • Environmental Site Audits
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Remediation Project Management

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