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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Bio Hazard Cleaning

    Allium Environmental are highly experienced in dealing with projects that are harmful to health. Our emergency response cleaning team are ready to help your business tackle Coronavirus (COVID-19) threats.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Cleaning Services

We are experiencing a pandemic that the world hasn’t seen for many years, but Allium Environmental are professionals when it comes to dealing with environments that are hazardous to health, meaning that we have the skills and the staff to be able to respond quickly to any contagious situations.

Our highly-trained team are already operating throughout the United Kingdom, helping the NHS to prepare wards for Coronavirus patients, or disinfecting company premises to allow them to carry-on their daily business as best as possible.

Allium Environmental can fully disinfect your premises to remove remaining sources of infection. We provide a reactive service, enabling your business to return to a functional state with minimum disruption; reassuring your staff and customers that it is safe to return.

Cleaning does not, however, provide ongoing protection from the virus being re-introduced, so we are available to provide counter-measure services to created the safest possible environment for your team.

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