• Face Fit Testing

    Qualitative Face Fit Testing

    Allium Environmental now have the capability to offer Face Fit Testing and Training for half-masks.

Hazardous substances and environment management

We use Qualitative testing as an adequacy method to determine the seal effectiveness of disposable ori-nasal masks, and re-usable ori-nasal masks alike. This particular process relies on the person’s sense of taste to determine the effectiveness of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), ensuring that staff working in an environment requiring such controls are issued the appropriate items.

Course Overview

Course attendees will initially be asked to wear a testing hood, without any RPE. The Face Fit tester will then spray a strong-tasting sensitivity solution (either bitter, or sweet) into the testing hood and ask the person to indicate when they identify it. The amount of Sensitivity solution may and will vary between attendees, but once this has been identified, a program of testing suited to that attendee can commence.

This entails the attendee wearing the test mask and the hood whilst performing a variety of movements and light exercises to simulate normal working conditions. If the person can taste the solution, the seal is not effective. Upon completion, a final quick ‘sniff test’ is carried up by lifting the mask from the face by a fraction, where the attendee should then be able to taste the solution, which proves the mask has been working throughout the testing process.

Upon a successful test, full certification will then be issued.

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