Despite being possibly hundreds of years old and originally constructed without incorporating any asbestos containing materials, many of the country’s most beautiful historic buildings have had asbestos introduced into them for a multitude of reasons during their lifespan.

As regulations on fire proofing and compartmentalisation became stricter and centralised boilers providing hot water and running central heating systems were introduced so asbestos with its fire retardant and thermal insulating properties was often added.

Regulation 4 of CAR 2012 requires the management of asbestos in all non-domestic properties constructed before the year 2000; historic and potentially listed buildings require a careful approach when it comes to asbestos surveys to ensure that a meaningful survey is undertaken without causing irreparable damage to historically important building fabric.

Allium Surveyors are very experienced and competent to plan and undertake surveys within these challenging and important buildings and structures, ensuring that the public visiting or tradesmen working in these properties are safe from deadly asbestos fibres.