Continuing our series of looking at interesting projects in the Region; teams of Allium surveyors have been undertaking refurbishment and demolition surveys around the South West, we are pleased to be involved with the regeneration of the former Penwith District Council buildings on the St Clare site.

These buildings constituted the main operational site for Penwith District Council from 1974 to 2009 at which time it was inherited by Cornwall Council on 1st April 2009 with the establishment of the unitary authority, when it became the Penzance One Stop Shop.

Allium have completed surveys of the now redundant buildings on the site which is destined for mixed use re-development.

We have also completed a refurbishment survey at Pendeen, a large derelict house built in the 1800s which has been left to deteriorate. The project entails the complete removal of the internal structures leaving the external envelope intact. Allium surveyors found asbestos in various areas that requires removal before re-development.

CAR 2012 requires refurbishment or demolition surveys prior to intrusive works being undertaken on a building built prior to the year 2000, in order to prevent inadvertent exposure to hidden asbestos. The regulations require asbestos to be removed, as far as practicable, before refurbishment or demolition works commence.