The majority of work that we do at Allium is in the realms of hazardous contaminants so, obviously, health and safety is at the forefront of every process that we carry-out on our day-to-day business. However, it isn’t just the physical aspects of our work that brings potential threats to health, it is also the mental wellbeing of our staff.

Mates in MindMates in Mind is registered UK charity, aiming to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and promote positive mental wellbeing across workplaces. We are delighted to be taking part in such an important social programme that opens-up dialogue for all those involved. Poor mental health and depression have always had a stigma attached, and by committing to a programme which helps to make it easier to talk about, we hope that we can help any of our team mates share and overcome their problems. As part of our HR review process, we encourage team members to openly discuss their issues, both within work and on a personal level. Our team are what makes our company great, so if we can help them to grow stronger, we all grow stronger.

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