Despite successfully undertaking complex survey work all over the UK, our Cornish heritage is something that we are very proud of as we were founded here; so when we were recently commissioned to carry out a survey to the passenger ferry that connects Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly we were delighted to assist.

The Scillonian passenger ferry service is based in Penzance and has been the Isles of Scilly’s lifeline for almost a century. Scillonian III the current ship was launched in 1977 and can carry 485 passengers.

Our surveyors have many years’ experience of working on ships so they are used to coming up against the challenges they present. For example the engine rooms can contain very tight spaces and are hot to work in.

The ferry service usually runs daily but it is currently in dry dock whilst maintenance and upgrade works take place. Our asbestos survey is supporting part of the maintenance works so we had to act quickly and efficiently to carry out the survey as it had to be done before any other contractors could move in and start work.

Annual maintenance is carried out every winter to ensure that it is kept in tip top condition. 2018 sees the addition of Wi-Fi for all passengers!