Asbestos in hospitals

Royal Cornwall Hospital

Allium have a strong history of working for the NHS. One of our key clients in Cornwall is Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske. We have undertaken various projects for them over our 4 years of trading. This includes sampling, management and refurbishment surveys and re-inspections.

Part of the role of the estates department at Treliske is to ensure the asbestos within the buildings is safely managed. Allium have recently assisted Treliske with this by undertaking the annual re-inspection surveys across the various departments of the hospital.

The purpose of a re-inspection survey is to reassess any previously identified asbestos to ensure its condition hasn’t deteriorated and that it remains in a safe condition. These inspections are usually required annually, but may be more frequent dependent upon risk.
Re-inspection surveys can also confirm the removal of any asbestos that might have been completed since the last re-inspection.

We have also worked with the hospital and estates department to ensure access can be gained and planned in readiness for us to carry out management surveys of any previously non-accessed areas of the hospital. These areas have to be accessed when a room or department are unoccupied.

Treliske estates, much like other large businesses utilise a property management system to maintain all the records about the buildings on site and carry out their operations. Treliske’s chosen system is MiCad.

Allium used this system to carry out the re-inspections and management surveys. Using the hospitals existing system allowed us gain access to the previous reports and maintain continuity throughout the inspection process.

We have been delighted to assist Treliske once again with their asbestos management and look forward to working with them on future projects.