This month we want to tell you what to look for when procuring an asbestos surveying company.

So many companies claim to be experts in their particular field, but do they hold the relevant accreditations and technical competence to provide you with an accurate and trusted service?

When it comes to looking for a surveying company you can sometimes be welcomed with low costs but have you checked their skills and competence to ensure they can deliver exactly what you need?

Appointing a non UKAS accredited company can throw up lots of risks that can have a devastating effect on your projects. Examples of these risks are:

– Unclear reports and inappropriate recommendations for approval
– Insufficient insurances
– Incomplete surveys leading to missed asbestos
– lack of quality assured complaints procedures, with no recourse for sub-standard work

By selecting a UKAS accredited company you are ensuring that the surveys will be carried out independently and impartially. All companies that have been through the assessment of the UKAS accreditation have been checked for appropriate insurance, training, processes and qualifications. The accreditation process is ongoing to ensure that organisations are performing to a required standard.

As the HSE strongly recommends the use of an accredited surveyor, UKAS have already done all the hard work by doing the necessary checks. You can go to a UKAS Company and rest assured that a technically competent and professional job will be carried out that meets all your requirements.

So before you proceed with a non UKAS company with a seemingly cheap quote, consider the risks!