The General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework that sets the rules for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals across the European Union, however it is applicable to all processors that handle EU citizens’ data, regardless of where the processor is located.

What we’ve done?

We’ve updated our privacy policies to reflect these new changes that give individuals greater rights over how their information is used. An example of this is the recent campaign we published regarding subscribing to our newsletters.

We’ve further restricted what information employees, suppliers and sub-contractors have access to and given broad spectrum training to our data handling staff.

Our preventative measures against possible breaches have been improved to better detect breach attempts and to protect our clients.

We’ve reviewed and altered our forms, documentation and policies to ensure the correct and lawful processing of data in line with the GDPR, and we use clear, unambiguous language to talk to our clients.

We’ve appointed a permanent Data Protection Officer and provided them the appropriate authority to ensure client data is processed in accordance with the relevant legislation.

We’ll continue to make changes and alterations to all our policies and practices as time goes by to ensure the highest levels of compliance.